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Maintanance of 3 Point Microtest Internal Micrometer

We provide 2 year's guarantee
Provided the guarantee seal remains undamaged


Service and Maintenance

Nevertheless, to assure a long-service life for your Microtest Internal Micrometer, we recommend that the device is always kept clean. If it becomes soiled by cooling water or particles of dirt, it is enough to just wipe the instrument down with a cloth to prevent unnecessary malfunctions that result if moving parts stick.

Repair or overhaul is only due after between 7 to 15 years.


  • Overhauling

    Normally, provided no heavy damage has occurred, the instrument can be overhauled for a price that does not exceed 25 % of the initial acquisition price (up to 10 years).

    This involves the following work:

    -  Complete dismounting
    -  Cleaning
    -  replacement of faulty parts
    -  correction of the accuracy to the original tolerance (up to 10 years)
    -  factory certification

    When your instrument is returned it measures as accurately as a new one.

  • Repairs

    Repairs where additional parts had to be replaced as a result of the instrument being dropped or other heavy damage will be charged according to quotation.

    Because the precise measurement and correction of measured results in particular does take a great deal of time, the turnaround time is about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the condition of the device.

    Express service by agreement: When your instrument is returned it measures as accurately as a new one.

  • Calibration

    All the measuring instruments and gauges that we supply are uniquely identifiable through an unique device number, and are examined, recalibrated and certified (if desired) for a small fee.

    Since the company was founded, every one of our instruments has been delivered with a certificate of accuracy, detailing the linearity accuracy at various points along the entire measurement range.

  • Declaration of Conformity

    Declaration of conformity and confirmation of the traceability of the measurement. Microtest confirms that our products have been inspected and that they conform both to the applicable national standards and to our factory standards. The test equipment used for this inspection has a precision that can be traced back to national length standards.

  • Table of Accuracy


    0.001 mm Measurement range from Ø 30 mm up to Ø 1150 mm


    Microtest - Factory standard equal, or better than DIN 863


    -  Ø 6 – 140 mm ± 2 μm
    -  Ø 140 – 400 mm ± 3 μm
    -  Ø 400 – 650 mm ± 5 μm
    -  Ø 650 – 900 mm ± 6 μm
    -  Ø 900 –1150 mm ± 8 μm

    Repetition accuracy:

    -  ± 1,5 μm
    -  ± 1,5 μm
    -  ± 2,5 μm
    -  ± 3,5 μm
    -  ± 4,5 μm

    Increased accuracies on request.

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