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Analog Inside Micrometer

Extra-large Measuring Ranges
Packed in a robust worrden case is surprisingly small.


How it works?

The central shaft is synchronized with the measurement probes via bevel gears. These bevel gears Trans with the rotation from the ratchet and scale drum to measuring spindles, which extend well supported probes to obtain a measurement.

The greatest possible distance between the outer guide and the pivot in the center remains unchanged for every measurement orientation. The poly-carbon insulation tube offers protection against spray water, dirt and warmth from the hand, tungsten carbide pins provide low-wear contacts at the point of measurement.

The direct full read-out of the measuring result on the parallax free scale (8,9) is faultless due to 100 divisions per turn which avoid read out error. The new connection offers the possibility to extend the instrument up to 10 meters or more for deep bore holes without loss of accuracy.

Device Description

Due to extra-large measuring ranges: for diameters from 30 to 400mm only 6 Microtest Internal Micrometers are needed. By comparision 13 to 16 conventional devices would be necessory.

The space required for the whole set for diameters from 6 to 400mm, including calibration guages, small extentions, necessery tools and certificates, packed in a robust worrden case is surprisingly small, only 395 x 320 x 310 mm.

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