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Digital Inside Micrometer

Result on intensive development
Higher accuracies then Analog equipment


Microtest Digital Range

MICROTEST high precision mechanics are refined with high-tech electronics. As a result of intensive development it has now been possible to implement a digital module that enables even higher accuracies to be achieved than with analogue equipment. The measurement shaft, supported in two sets of ball bearing, carries a highly accurate sensor that generates 10,000 increments per rotation. The recording values measured in 100 nm steps improves the accuracy significantly.

The housing is manufactured from a glass fiber reinforced plastic and is fitted with cooling water-resistant seals at all entry points. The module meets the IP 67 standard of protection, is impact resistant, and can also with stand complete immersion in a swarf trough. A high contrast display with large numbers makes readout easier, even under difficult lighting conditions.

All important functions can be selected directly via one button. The operation has been kept simple, so that all important functions with only one key press can be reached. The digital module has a preset memory, where the reference dimension of the calibration ring, can be pre-programmed. This can be read, during the relevant calibration process by pressing the 0-button. Data transmission, as one of the most used additional functions can also be triggered directly.

Description of Digital Range

  • Hand wheel with ratchets
  • Forced retreat screw
  • High contrast display
  • Cable interface (optional)
  • Program button or switch between INC / ABS mode
  • Hold / Send button
  • 0-button in the INC mode Preset acquisition, in ABS mode
  • Connection shaft
  • Measuring head
  • Carbide pin
  • Probe

Accessories for Digital Technology

radio module for internal micrometer

Radio Module

Fit for all MICROTEST – Digital, Transmission
range in factory buildings Upto ~ 100m
Data Transfer coded

usb receiver for internal micrometer

USB Receiver

With the help of this USB Receiver
you can easilly process up to
120 radio modules.

interface cable for internal micrometer

Interface Cable

The interface cable, with 2 m length, is suitable for stationary applications.
Available as USB2 or RS 232 variant.


ComGage is a software for the measurement of statistical process control in production.

The software is designed for easy viewing of readings, to complex measuring tasks with control sequences, as well as for testing of components with multiple characteristics in small and large series, with different instruments.

By statistical functions, the software provides information for the control of production processes.

Data Transfer Software

The data can optionally be transmitted through an interface cable or a wireless module up to ~ 100m in factories. A USB receiver, available for laptop and desktop PC can process up to 120 different instruments. If necessary, several receivers can be connected to a PC. There are radio modules for all interfaces available to the well-known manufacturers to ensure compatibility so that each instrument can be connected easily with interface.

The available software is quite enough in a cheap version for most applications, since this already has all the necessary functions for ISO compliant logging. For higher demands is a version with additional features available. The display and statistic masks can be individually customized by the user to the respective needs.
Print, export and archive functions for the captured data are available.

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